It’s About Time.

In the last 100 years, there has been no significant change in the way children learn in schools across the world.


With the exception of a few things such as the digital board or the use of videos to introduce a concept or perhaps a change in the type of furniture, education in schools, across the world is still pretty much so last century. In fact even the above mentioned changes are limited to a very small percentage of schools.

Ironically there is enough research to suggest that learning has to go beyond methods that are Symbolic to be Visual and more importantly Interactive. While the Symbolic and Visual methods have their merits, children learn better by doing – Interactive.

All three categories are important and only a healthy balance between them can foster healthy learning.

We at Veeville. believe there is an unreasonable bias towards “Symbolic learning” that teaching and learning has not kept pace with advances we have made that is reflected in other aspects of our lives.

We believe there is a tremendous opportunity to leverage the ubiquitous computing paradigm that we live in today to revolutionize the way we teach and learn achieving that healthy balance between the Symbolic, Visual and Interactive aspects of learning, and we are building a platform that takes advantage of the ongoing revolution in computing and AI to achieve just that.






AI Ecosystem To Make Learning Happen Anywhere Anytime

Our AI coach for both Teachers and Students, that makes Teaching and Learning smarter


Technology has changed a lot about how we live and work and has permeated just about every aspect of our lives and changed it, in most cases for the better. One field that is seeing a lot of activity is the field of Education. Teachers & Students are participants in a paradigm of education and learning that was designed to cater to the needs of the previous century.

There has a been a boom in recent times in the number of companies that want to provide solutions in this space – some focus on the content that teachers use in the classroom others focus on the student assessment and supporting administrators give better feedback to teachers.

We want to make learning more meaningful inside & outside the classroom by building a solution that addresses the needs of the teachers and the students for a collaborative environment that builds the conditions necessary to make learning happen.

This note is to give you brief idea of what we are doing.
Read on.

We believe we are at the beginning of a period of great innovation and transformation in this field, and as computing gets more ubiquitous, teaching and learning will become more meaningful and pervasive inside and outside the classroom.


1. A Teacher in Need is UTTU Indeed

Every doubt is a learning moment in disguise – and with UTTU a teacher that can make that learning moment happen is never far away. With the UTTU app in hand the student can connect with the vast network of teachers and learners that can help with anything that needs an explanation.

From definitions and doubts that our AI engine handles to complex Audio/Video explanations that a teacher can deliver, we have covered the entire range of learning scenarios that could exist outside the classroom.

So, a student never has to skip that learning moment ever.

2. What AR you learning today?
Augment for most Fun

We are constantly striving to make learning as immersive and fun as possible always. Our upcoming AR update makes the whole world a “Learning Lab”. With the advanced AR features of UTTU the learner can not just look at the underlying mechanics of how things work but also interact with it.

So, learning can be more interactive and immersive than gaming.

3. UTTU is As UTTU Says.

The advent of voice interfaces like Alexa and Siri has changed the way we shop or listen to music or order a cab, we have designed Uttu to take advantage of this informal way of connecting with technology to make learning better.

So, you can ask UTTU on Alexa anything and get the conversations going – UTTU not just answers your questions but also suggests experiments and activities that can help you understand things better

4. Practice Makes Perfect

UTTU also helps you practice the goings on in class – Since it keeps pace with what you learn in class you can ask UTTU to either come up with a lesson plans for you or help you revise a certain topic with flash cards,summaries and main takeaways. UTTU can also come up with lesson plans customised based for your learning patterns, and since UTTU is constantly learning about your knowledge state – it knows what you need to revise more. Where available it can also sync with the school lesson plans so your practice of learning is up to date.

UTTU truly is a coach that is a class apart.

So, you can convert that daily homework to daily learning.

5. Testing the limits

It is not all Tell with UTTU there are also Asks – UTTU assessments help you map your progress and identify your gaps and helps your teachers teach you better.

From impromptu questions on Alexa and the App to Scheduled Assessments UTTU can spring a surprise that tests you.

So, you can convert that daily homework to daily learning.

6. No Teacher Left Behind

UTTU is the best friend the teacher never had. UTTU helps teachers get better at what they do too, with well designed feedback about the activities of their students and the scores of the assessments and interactions, etc. UTTU lets the teachers know where their students are on the learning curve. UTTU also helps by doing some of the heavy lifting like letting the teachers offload their work.

So, truly knowing your students is just a few taps away.

7. UTTU For Extrasensory Learning

The advent of sensor packages/ devices like the SENSg has given a whole new dimension to the concept of “Learning by Doing” and UTTU is ready to take that plunge with “Batteries Included” – We have built curriculum based experiments with desired learning outcomes right into UTTU so the student can experience learning by doing.

So, the whole world is a Lab.


With UTTU we are striving to bring the power of AI other allied technologies to service that most sacred of all human endeavors – Teaching & Learning.

We believe these technologies not just add incremental value in the near term but will be truly disruptive and redefine the way we Teach and Learn in the long term.

Above all we recognize that technologies are but tools, tools in the service of our true mission

To help mold the young minds of today, by making them more curious about the world, help them develop a healthy attitude of enquiry and experimentation, being more inventive and imaginative, and ultimately help build a future that is much brighter than any of us can imagine today.


We are

At, we are a team of motivated and qualified professionals solving the world’s biggest and most interesting problems with Artificial Intelligence. Our UTTU is one of them.

We build customized applications that are easy to integrate into existing processes. Our AI as a service offering allows enterprises to quickly deploy AI capabilities without the difficulty and delay of trying to build an internal AI team.

Our team of Engineers and Designers will work closely with business and IT teams to efficiently and securely access the large volumes of data needed to train our AI models. We use the latest in machine learning and operations research techniques to train models that give the most accurate results.

Our developers and user experience designers collaborate to build tailor-made application programming interfaces (APIs) that can begin delivering benefits to users immediately without long integration phases.

We are committed to building applications that continue to deliver value for our clients and the industries we operate in.

Our continued support ensures models are retrained with new data, run on the highest-quality infrastructure and are kept secure by expert cybersecurity systems.

At we are passionate about AI and truly believe in its transformative powers.

We believe education and training is one of the most important areas of human endeavour which could benefit immensely from this transformative power.


We are committed to building applications that continue to deliver value for our clients and the industries we operate in.

Our continued support ensures models are retrained with new data, run on the highest-quality infrastructure and are kept secure by expert cybersecurity systems.

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